installations > Baby Boy's Procession

This piece looks at the struggle to negotiate one’s humanity within power. The figure on the far right is a matriarchal figure. This figure, Black women, holds contradictory spaces in society with her crown of thorns and comb is both sufferer and nurturer. The next two figures heads are draped or wrapped or bound in fabric, which is distorting their sight/reality and how they are perceived (less human). On the far left is the little boy riding on a toy car -he is alone and vulnerable. The figures behind fail to protect him due to negotiating their humanity within systems of oppression. This piece, while being concerned with poor Black people dealing with structural racism, also implicates myself as a cis Black man within this conversation, in that my struggles are normally put front and center (hence the two male figures at the front) and Black women are to suffer in silence and also are negotiating their humanity within the Black community as well as in a white power structure.

Baby Boy's Procession
whea-paste, wood, acrylic, seat belts straps and thread on sheet-rock
24' x 12'