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Ten Vibes of the Founding Mothers

Black Fusionist Society has ten core beliefs or “vibes” that make up their society. Each vibe has a Mythic Being that can be summoned and for each there are various rituals, totems or spells.

The BFS uses the day number calendar. Each lesson is assigned a number. Up to three different lessons will correspond to any day number. On that day one is invited to reflect on readings and discussions associated with those lessons and as well as how they can benefit self, BFS and Black life. Also, on those days particular rituals will take place and mythic beings may present themselves.
June 11th is the day number 163 which correlates to 1= Equity, 6=Culture, and 3= Knowledge.
February 23rd is the day number 54 which correlates to 0=Empathy, 5=Self Care, and 4= Intersectionality

1 Equity
2 Self-reflection, critique and doubt
3 Knowledge
4 Intersectionality
5 Self Care
6 Culture
7 History & Progression
8 Failure
9 Scientific method
0 Empathy


One experience is not all experiences. Human beings navigate this plane of existence in various forms. This plane erects barriers for each of us-some shared others not. One must transform this plane so that we all can maneuver freely, be it physically, emotionally, or mentaly.

Self-reflection, critique and doubt
Perfection is death. Progression is life. Everything must be critiqued-especially that which is foundational and gives comfort. For those are the most in danger of becoming harmful dogma. One must visit failure and success in self-reflection. One must live in the uncomfortable- only then can one truly live.

Knowledge is built upon the labor of those before you. The pursuit of knowledge is essential to growth. Knowledge is powerful, yet amoral therefore can be weaponized to exploit or do harm. As one learns they but also gain the insight to wield it in a way that is most beneficial to self, BFS, and Black life.

We are many things. Self is an ecosystem. No one person is a monolith. Welcome all of your selves. Build relationships with your many selves. Understand their joy and pain. They are both separate and connected. Use your many selves to build community with others.

Self Care
One cannot care for others if self is in pain. We are an ecosystem. Caring for self is caring for others. One’s emotional, mental, and physical self care benefits all. Self care is human.

We are an ecosystem. Culture is an ecosystem. There is the pine tree and there is the forest. The pine tree needs the forest just as the forest needs the pine tree. There must be balance in this relationship. One tree can never completely outgrow the forest but each tree is free to reach for the sun.

History & Progression
History is the foundation from which progression takes flight. History is meant to be studied, honored and remembered. History should be ruthlessly critiqued. History must not be an impediment to progression but serve as a teaching tool. Progression should be ruthlessly critiqued. Progression should become familiar with doubt and failure. Progression must be approached cautiously and passionately.

Failure is human. Failure is needed for growth. Develop a healthy relationship with your failure. Embrace failure as one would an old friend. Failure is here to teach, one must be open to learn. A rejection of failure is a rejection of life.

Scientific method
One must explore the world in which we inhabit. Subjective opinion masquerading as objective fact can be deadly. One should utilize methodologies that deliver ideals that live in truth. Once the truth is confirmed then, one can express their perspective.

One experience is not all experiences. However, we all share the same emotions. The ability to acknowledge the emotions, experiences and perspective of others is truly human. Empathy is freedom. Empathy will connect one to their ecosystem. Empathy will allow one to better serve their sister and to defend against their enemy.