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Black Fusionist Society Manifesto

We are the Black Fusionist Society. We are all children of the African diaspora. We are a fusion of Blackness in all its just forms, which we celebrate, support, and defend. We do not claim royal pedigree of Africian Queens and Kings. But that of tribespeople, tradespeople, peasants, captives, slaves, sharecroppers, domestics, farmers, rebels, factory and shift workers as well as the forgotten. We wear the crown of this lineage proudly.

The Black Fusionist Society was born out of the trauma visited upon Black bodies and minds in the bloodstained streets of Wilmington, North Carolina one Thursday, on Nov. 10th 1898. That day made clear that Black bodies are prey to white supremacy. A super predator that stalks our bodies, our culture and sanity. White supremacy is a pathology that infects every inhabitable space on this planet. White Supremacy needs a crisis to justify its violence and Black people are that crisis. We reject white supremacy, misogynoir and anti blackness in all its forms. The patriarchy, classism, heteronormativity, and ableism are all anit-black and must be defeated. Therefore we follow the “Vibes of the Founding Mothers”, Knowledge, Doubt, Empathy, Culture, Intersectionality, Scientific Method, Failure, History & Progression, Self Care, and Equity. Any member of the Black Fusionist Society must be a child of the African diaspora and follow The Vibes of the Founding Mothers.

Our Blackness is a natural resource. One which has sprung forth civilizations, inventions, art and ideals that have shaped all of humanity. However this planet has not afforded us, Black people, access to this title of Human. In terms of humanity, white supremacy’s default for Blackness is absence. White Supremacy voids our humanity and fills it with their version of monstrosity. When it comes to the perception of Black people, we are not human. Our existence in this world will always be that of either animate objects or monsters. Anti-blackness is so interwoven into this planet’s society that it can’t be undone without undoing society itself. That is why the Black Fusionist Society must work to find a new world to migrate where anti-blackness cannot follow, which we call The Crossover. M-theory is our salvation! Our goals are progression of a better existence for our descendants and The Crossover.

In an ironic twist, a cruel joke, the progression toward The Crossover to another realm will solve the problematic presence of Blackness. The only way this planet will see Black bodies as completely human is in our complete absence. Then we will be monsters of absence.