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The “Tale of Two Cities” mural, which examines connection and identity of Charlotte’s residents experience with homelessness, is a collaborative effort, consisting of interlocking geometric shapes that form patterns of warm and cool hues along a stone draining wall overlooking the Urban Ministry Campus. These intertwining forms speak to connectivity by referencing one’s body (DNA), mental health, family, and community- all of which are strained and tested by housing instability.

The mural itself however, is only pigment on a stone surface. This project not only examines personal and familial connection but the relationship between the arts and the people it seeks to help, therefore the process of creating the piece is the artwork’s focus and the mural is the by-product of that relationship. Along with artists from the McColl, neighbors who have who have skill or an interest in art will paint the mural. Theses neighbors will also be compensated for their time, knowledge, and labor as a gesture of there significance to the city.

Tale of Two Cities 1 of 4
Tale of Two Cities 1 of 4
Spray paint
70' x 9'